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Full, round butts are what many people today want. That is why more people are opting to get butt injections in Los Angeles. If you want to go to a Med Spa and get butt augmentation, then you have a number of options. You can get either a Brazilian butt lift or Sculptra butt lift in Los Angeles. You should compare the two before you decide which one is right for you.

Sculptra Butt Lift
A specialist can inject sculptra, which is a filler, into the buttocks. Sculptra was first used to add volume to the face. It has the same effect on the buttocks. The number of vials that need to be used can vary from person to person. Some people will only need one full vial. Others will need up to 20. The average is 10.

In most cases, a sculptra butt lift can be performed in just 15 minutes. The results of the procedure may not be seen right away. It will take a few weeks for the collagen to build up. The results are typically seen in about two weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift
A Brazilian Butt lift requires two procedures. The surgeon will have to remove fat from the thighs, abdomen or other part of the body. The fat will then be purified. The next step is to inject the fat into the buttocks. It can take anywhere from one to four hours to complete this procedure.

Which Option is Better?
You may be wondering which is the best option if you want butt augmentation in Los Angeles. The right procedure for you is dependent upon many factors. If you are a slim person, then you may not have enough fat on your body for the Brazilian butt lift.

The results that you want will also determine the procedure that is best for you. A Brazilian butt lift will give you more dramatic results. Additionally, you will need to consider the recovery time. You will have to take two weeks off from work if you get a Brazilian butt lift. You will also not be able to sleep on your back for two weeks.

Sculptra allows you to recover more quickly. You can return to work and your normal activities the next day. You can also sleep on your back. However, you will have to massage the area fives times a day to prevent bumpiness from occurring.

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