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New Ways to Tighten the Jawline

One thing that changes for everyone with age is the jawline. This seems to be universal, and until recently, it was quite frustrating. The fabulous Nora Ephron even titled her memoir I Feel Bad About My Neck. We all struggle with the change to our faces. The jaw and wattle are some of the most noticeable and emotionally jarring signs…

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Why Am I Suddenly Getting Stretch Marks?

The Causes of Stretch Marks and Which Population is at Risk of Developing Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are streaks or lines that appear on the skin. They appear when there is an unanticipated change in weight, which could be an unexpected weight gain or weight loss. The color of stretch marks varies from purple streaks, to grey lines depending on…

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How to Treat Acne with Lasers and Light

About 85% of people deal with acne at some point in their life. Acne is a skin disorder that can be caused by clogged pores or skin bacteria. For some, it’s a passing phase in adolescence. For others, painful cystic acne can be a persistent problem for years. There are plenty of strategies for dealing with acne. People adjust their…

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Can Lasers Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Those who develop wrinkles due to aging have long been looking for a long-lasting treatment. Many lotions try to tout their effectiveness to get you to spend your money. However, laser resurfacing at an anti aging clinic near me has been the only proven effective long-lasting treatment for wrinkles on the market today. How Does Laser Resurfacing Works? Los Angeles…

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Can Botox Lift Jowls?

Sculpt DTLA offers comprehensive cosmetic enhancement solutions, and the most specialized facial injections for wrinkles in Los Angeles. Our clinic also offers customized facial injections for wrinkles in Los Angeles. Part of the aging process is loss of a youthful contour along the jawline and chin. This is often due to volume loss or sagging skin. The facial features will…

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Rounder Hips With Sculptra

Do you want to know how to get rounder, wider, more toned hips with Sculptra LA? You’ll find out in this short article just how to get the best hip and butt lift in Los Angeles. If you’re considering hip injections for a natural, straightening of your hips, you may be confused about what exactly the name of the procedure…

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Z Wave FAQs: Goodbye Cellulite

Our Z wave procedure is a great cellulite treatment in Los Angeles. It can be performed on the stomach, arms, legs, thighs and buttocks. This is a treatment that involves using radial shockwaves in order to stimulate the production of collagen. If more collagen is produced, then it will be more elastic and smooth than before. This is a great…

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