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If you aren’t happy with the shape and texture of your buttocks, then you can learn more about a Sculptra butt lift in Los Angeles. This procedure involves the injections of specialized filler that has a particular texture. With this dermal filler, your underlying tissues will have a natural appearance, and also, your buttocks won’t feel odd.

You may want a butt lift because your buttocks have lost volume, leading to a saggy or a flat appearance. When your buttocks are flat or saggy, your clothing will look odd, and you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. At the best med spa Los Angeles location, you can have an evaluation to determine if a butt lift is appropriate for your body.

A buttock augmentation Los Angeles expert will consider your overall health to plan your procedure. You will need to recline on a padded table for the multiple injections that will fill the underlying tissues with the dermal filler. We will anesthetize your skin before the procedure begins, and the expert will sculpt your buttocks to create the proper shape with the dermal filler.

You may wonder if physical activity is possible after your butt lift in Los Angeles. The dermal filler is injected deep into the tissues of the buttocks, so walking or sitting will not change the shape of your derriere. However, the areas of the skin where you have the injection may bleed, swell and bruise, making it difficult to perform certain types of exercise.

It is okay to begin walking right away after the dermal filler procedure, but we suggest waiting at least 24 hours before beginning a regular exercise routine. Certain types of activities may feel uncomfortable for a few days, including sitting on a bicycle’s seat or using a rowing machine in a gym. For these types of workouts, you may want to wait for five to seven days so that your buttocks heal completely.

If you are feeling any discomfort after a butt lift in Los Angeles, then you should contact us to have another evaluation. To have the optimal outcome from this procedure, it is essential to have the buttocks massaged several times a day to smooth the dermal filler into the correct places so that your derriere has the proper shape for your body type. Contact Sculpt DTLA at 213-375-3533 to learn more about our dermal filler services.

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