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PDO Thread Lift

If you are looking for alternatives for surgery for a sagging face and jawline, a PDO thread lift may be exactly what you are looking for. Previously, if you were seeking a face lift in Los Angeles, you would need a surgical procedure. The PDO thread lift offers tightening and restoration without the need for surgery.

During the PDO thread lift, temporary sutures are used to lift the skin. These sutures will stay in place, eventually dissolving under the skin. The loose skin that the surgeon would remove during a traditional face lift in Los Angeles is simply suspended by the sutures. This pulls the skin up and back, creating a subtle lift. The sutures are not visible and cannot be felt when under the skin.

This Los Angeles face lift procedure has another positive effect on aging. It stimulates a healing response in the body, which encourages the body to produce collagen in the area. Because collagen production naturally decreases as part of the aging process, this added collagen is a bonus. Collagen is part of what keeps skin supple, strong and thick. Lower collagen levels contribute to the development of wrinkles. The collagen boost to the treated area thickens and strengthens the skin.

Benefits of a Thread Lift
If you are considering a Los Angeles face lift procedure, you may be considering both a thread lift and a face lift. The greatest advantage of a thread lift is that the recovery time is significantly less than with a face lift. Face lift surgery requires heavy sedation, so you will need someone to accompany you to the procedure and take you home. At home, you will require help around the house for several days. You may need to stay home from work for up to two weeks.

Thread lifts recover only local anesthesia, which allows the individual to drive themselves home after the procedure. There may be some redness or discomfort after the thread lift, but nothing unbearable, and most people are fine returning to work the next day.

Cautions After a Thread Lift Procedure
Recovery from a thread lift is generally quick and uncomplicated. You should avoid rubbing your face vigorously and refrain from using moisturizer for a week after the procedure. Sleeping with your head elevated will prevent you from rolling onto your face.

Risks Associated With a Thread Lift
Thread lifts are noninvasive, which make them a very low-risk procedure. There is a slight chance of infection or irritation. If that happens, the sutures are easy to remove, allowing the skin to heal.

The non-invasive nature of the PDO thread lift Los Angeles means the procedure is much more affordable than traditional face lift surgery. They create a subtle, natural appearance that is best for individuals who are looking for a light enhancement. For individuals seeking a more radical change, the traditional face lift procedure will provide better results.

How Long Do the Results Last
The results from a thread lift procedure typically last between one and three years. As the results start to fade, you can have the procedure repeated. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia with no downtime, it is easy to get it refreshed as the sutures are absorbed. A Los Angeles face lift procedure lasts longer, but is more expensive, more invasive, and has a longer recovery time.

What Type of Sutures are Used
The PDO thread lift Los Angeles uses sutures that are made from a biocompatible material that is specifically made to be safely re-absorbed. They remain in place for up to six months, after which the body begins the absorption process. Results do not disappear immediately as the sutures are absorbed. The boost of collagen from the lift will continue to create a lifted look.

What To Expect During the Procedure
The thread lift procedure is a relatively quick and painless process. Your provider will numb the area with local anesthesia. They will then place the sutures in particular areas, such as along the brows, in the corners of the mouth, and along the hairline. The sutures are placed with a needle or thin cannula. The entire process typically takes less than 45 minutes.

Selecting a Provider
If you are searching for the best med spa Los Angeles, you should know what to look for. When you contact a provider, they should be willing to answer any questions you have about the procedure. They should provide you with before and after pictures of previous clients. They should also be willing to sit down with you and discuss various options that may suit your particular concerns.

Because the thread lift procedure is non-invasive, it often pairs well with other treatments. Combining several therapies can give your face an instant boost of radiance. The best med spa Los Angeles will offer a range of services, such as injectable fillers and laser treatment, that can combine to create a refreshed, rested look with little downtime.

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