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Lumenis is a worldwide leader in the removal of acne scars. Lumenis is a forerunner in removal of acne scars using laser acne treatment. Untreated acne can produce lesions which when left untreated can produce permanent scarring of the skin.

Lumenis offers many types of laser acne treatment. Lumenis is the pioneer in abrasive and non-abrasive type treatments.

Ablative Resurfacing, known as Lumenis CO2 will quickly decrease skin scars. Even deep acne scars can benefit from Ablative resurfacing. This treatment will remove scars from acne. Overall skin tone will be improved. Ablative Resurfacing is devoid of complications. Recovery time in this type treatment is minimum due to designed pulse technology. Treatment methods in this type of resurfacing can be designed for the patient’s individual needs. Ablative resurfacing is available as Lumenis’s Ultra Pulse and Acu Pulse products.

The advantages of Ablative Resurfacing is the depth of treatment can be achieved quickly. This is done by utilizing a single pulse with little or no damage to the skin.

Non-Ablative skin resurfacing is also done by lasers. This type of skin resurfacing will improve skin texture and tone. Tighten skin and increased collagen production also occurs with non-ablative treatments. The risk of skin infection is low in this type of treatment. A major benefit of Non-Ablative treatment is that the body is stimulated to replace the body with new, younger skin.

The Lumenis Ultra Pulse is the most advanced and powerful laser in the industry. This laser was first used in skin resurfacing in 1994. In 2009 the laser was revamped for use in improvement of scars. In 2012 the Ultra Pulse SCAARF was introduced for removal and treatment of severe scars.

Acne scars are classified as Atrophic type scars. They commonly appear as pits within the skin. These scars appear because of damage to the skin and the muscle attached to the skin. These types of scars can also benefit from laser acne treatment.

Some alternatives to laser type treatments are chemical peels. Chemical peels remove the superficial layer of the skin. This type of treatment will improve the overall appearance of certain types of acne scars.

Fillers are collagen injections applied directly to the atrophic scars. The injections fill up the scars and elevate the skin to a normal level, reducing the scar.

Our Lumenis’s laser acne treatment in Los Angeles at Sculpt DTLA produces a laser light that heats water and moisture to a boiling temperature which results in evaporation of the affected skin tissue. The primary effect of this type of treatment is removal of the scarred skin.

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