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Are you bothered by unsightly new spots on your skin?

Many women wonder how new spots and moles appear. We are told moles are something you are born with, and that other spots are birthmarks. Well, women have a disadvantage involving hormones and sunlight. The female hormones create uneven pigmentation, and when women are exposed to sunlight, they get these spots easily. Sunspots can’t be avoided to its entirety, but using sunblock really does help. Some moles and marks are unfortunately natural spots the body creates by itself, but UV rays provoke and enable their appearance.

The parts of the body that usually aren’t covered is where you see the majority of the skin irregularities. You can identify the sunspots by two common factors. They come in different colors but are usually lighter than moles. The sizes range from that of a freckle to a coin, and they are flat and don’t stand out. These are also called pigmentation spots or pigment lesions. Women on birth control experience an increase and should put on sunblock always, not only when exposed to direct sunlight. When prescribed medicine containing additional female hormones, doctors will warn you about this factor.

Deep acne and also superficial impurities in the skin can leave small scars. Scar tissue is more sensitive to sun rays than normal tissue and gets a significantly darker color. Spots and marks appear after the skin has been damaged, scratched or infected.

Sadly, we can’t avoid any of these irregularities completely. By avoiding strong UV radiation we contribute to the prevention of sunspots, but there isn’t much we can do about the rest Thankfully, there are good treatments for pigment lesions in Los Angeles.

There are several treatments offered by skin care clinics, dermatologists and doctors. There are also some that you can do by yourself. If you are planning on doing a DIY treatment, you should consult with a professional before you start. Some use a hydrocortisone cream to bleach the area on the skin and is usual to heal scars with dark colors. The problem with this treatment is reaching only the dark spots you want to treat and not the skin around it. Other treatments available are laser surgery, deep chemical peels, exfoliation, natural peels, and lightening creams. The laser surgery doesn’t leave scars and is a quick fix if you only have a few spots you want to get rid of. Peeling and exfoliation is better when you want to treat extensive spotting on a bigger area. Visit our Sculpt DTLA Med Spa today!

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