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Meaning of Stretch Marks
There are several types of stretch marks. While some are more severe than others all the stretch marks damage the skin. The skin may tear when stretched faster than its rate of producing collagen hence the formation of scars or the stretch marks. Stretch may also come as a result of hormonal changes for example in pregnancy.

Factors leading to stretch marks

Pregnancy may lead the skin in the abdomen to stretch. The change of the hormone during pregnancy may also lead to the stretch marks.

Weight Gain
The rapid gain of weight may cause the skin to stretch apart hence the formation of stretch marks. The dramatic change in volume makes the skin to experience stress and stress beyond its limit of collagen production.

Some medications such as corticosteroids and injected steroids may cause hormonal changes contributing to the formation of stretch marks.

Hormone-Altering Diseases
Various adrenal gland diseases and other crushing syndrome may interfere with the normal functioning of the hormones thus creating stretch marks.

The formation of stretch marks on the skin can be prevented by avoiding the use of certain medications for various conditions. When you come for our stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles, the first step our physicians take is to determine what led to the formation of your stretch marks. In the process of treating those stretch marks other symptoms of stretch marks are addressed by our equipment in an attempt to minimize their appearance. Our approach and stretch mark reduction procedure are unique, and the results always meet the patient’s desire and satisfaction.

According to the various reviews by our clients, most have confessed that we have the best stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles. Most of the clients who lacked the confidence to visit the swimming pools and beaches have now regained they’re self-conscious around their friends.

Our stretch mark reduction procedure approach is proactive and involved to ensure that our clients have achieved their desired appearance. Our treatment for the stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles is delivered by highly skilled professionals in a comfortable and well-relaxed environment.

We take the patients’ peace of mind as a very sensitive factor to consider for a successful treatment. For this reason, we have done everything to ensure that our treatment facility is inviting and very comfortable. On walking in, the environment aspect confirms your confidence to receive a successful stretch mark reduction procedure by the use of various skin care mechanisms and laser removal as well.

All our staff that is associated to stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles are trained to give you the best treatment and make you feel appreciated as well.

All our stretch mark reduction procedure services are delivered by a panel of practitioners who have a broad experience in that area. We use the most exclusive techniques among the countless treatment methods as a guarantee of quality. Do you need to lose those annoying stretch marks? Call us, and we shall give the best solution for them.

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