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Prevention is key when it comes to skin care, and more times than not such methods can also lessen the appearance of current acne scars. From medicinal, oral, to topical treatments, the amount of methods to eliminate and prevent acne scars are plentiful. However, despite there being countless acne treatments out there, not all offer effective results for all skin types.

Immediately after getting any kind of pimple, it is important to treat the inflamed area as soon as possible. Once the irritation and redness subsides, applying topical treatments such as low percentages of salicylic or glycolic acid would be recommended. Chemical peels, micro needling, and facials can all be effective ways to treat acne scars. However, one of the most effective ways to diminish current scars is through laser treatment.

Laser treatments happen to be one of the few treatments for active acne and acne scars. Not only will current acne be treated but the past scars will as well at the same time. Before learning how to prevent any facial scars, it’s important to know the 3 main types that normally occur:

The boxcar scar features broad depressions in a pore with sharply defined edges, and is often on the cheek area.
The ice-pick scar is probably the most common type where the pores appear pitted and deep, but are more fine in comparison to the boxcar.
The toughest scar would be the rolling scar which are long strides of sloping edges on the skin.

All of these scars can be treated with the use of a laser. Acne removal through lasers have been done for quite some time, and the research behind it is profound. Laser treatments on acne scars work tremendously well due to the intense pulsating of lights beaming on the skin simultaneously. Every layer is being targeted so that the skin is encouraged to reproduce healthier looking collagen. Regular laser treatments will also help to prompt new skin cells to regenerate. The laser will also help to rid the current layer of skin from the old cells.

However, despite there being many dermatologists that offer laser treatments, not all are worth going to. The best laser acne treatment in Los Angeles should offer state-of-the-art lasers and a Med Spa staffed with professionals. Utilizing the internet to scope out your options will make narrowing down your decision much easier.
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