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Going in for tattoo removal is a little different from the experience you may have had getting inked in the first place. First, you’ll enjoy the med spa environment and second, you’ll love the fact that a laser is a bit less painful than the original needle. With today’s technology, the tattoo removal process can completely eliminate unwanted ink without leaving a scar, no matter your skin tone. The key to a flawless result is your tattoo removal aftercare.

3 Tips on Achieving an Attractive and Invisible Result
Aftercare for tattoo removal is similar to other laser resurfacing treatments and treating a light burn. For the best result, you’ll want to:

  • Use a healing ointment on the treated area (and sunblock for outdoor exposure)
  • Take Tylenol and use a cool-pack for any discomfort
  • Never scrape or pick at the healing, scabbed skin

Laser Tattoo Removal Los AngelesTattoo removal treatment is completely noninvasive. It feels similar to having a rubber band snapped lightly and quickly on your skin. Your provider can also help you anticipate how many sessions will be needed in order to give you an ideal result. Going to the best tattoo removal Los Angeles is just part of the equation. Also, you should make sure that a Q-switched laser will be used to eliminate heavy pigment correctly.

Additional Information to Read up on
Understanding how the laser works to remove ink from your skin is interesting, but it also provides great clues on how to help repair potential skin damage. A tattoo causes small punctures in the skin so that ink can be injected deep into the second layer. This area, the dermis, contains alive tissue along with blood, capillaries, nerve endings, and even hair follicles. Caring for your dermis means ensuring good circulation with light massage, keeping the skin clean and dry, but moisturized, and finally, staying away from aspirin that can impact blood density while healing.

Tattoo removal Los Angeles is a booming, experienced industry. For you, it means that you’ll be treated at the best med spa Los Angeles has to offer its clients. Since tattoo removal takes more than one appointment, aftercare isn’t something we take lightly. Ensuring that our patients are well cared for during each procedure and well equipped with thorough, easy to understand care instructions is always a priority.

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