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Tattoo removal with lasers has become quite popular in Los Angeles and the rest of the nation, and it’s happening because the process is successful, which is probably why you’re considering it. Still, you are wondering how long the treatment is going to take.

The Quick Answer
The reality is laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles is not going to take more than 72 hours, but this doesn’t fully answer the question. The treated region is still going to need some time to fully recover.

What Affects the Healing Process?
The amount of time your tattoo removal with lasers takes to heal will depend on things like the following:

  • The number of times you’ve gone through the Los Angeles tattoo removal treatment can make a difference.
  • The density of the tattoo is another factor; the deeper it is the longer it’ll take to heal.
  • If the tattoo removal specialist tells you both laser wavelengths are needed for your tattoo, this can increase the time.
  • If your immune system is functioning well, this could speed up healing, but if it’s not ideal, it may slow things down.

Digging in a Little
The laser med spa Los Angeles you go to is probably going to do its best to explain the process.

Your permanent tattoo removal in Los Angeles will likely require a few treatments. The first one, which is the most shocking to your skin, may take one or even two weeks to fully heal.

The laser med spa Los Angeles should tell you that your healing time will decrease because they’ll have less ink to remove. After the third session, don’t be surprised to heal from the Los Angeles tattoo removal process in about three days.

The density of your tattoo depends on a few things like how old the tattoo is and how skilled the tattoo artist was. If it’s a deep tattoo, then your healing will take longer since the laser will cause significant damage.

The reason your laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles may require two wavelengths is that the first laser probably faded the tattoo but didn’t fully remove it.

If the specialist decides you need a second laser, then your skin may need additional time to heal. Again, this time depends on your tattoo, so make sure you talk to the specialist to get a more concrete healing time frame.

The last thing you have to worry about when going through permanent tattoo removal in Los Angeles is your immune system. If you are going to go through this process, you want to exercise more, remove processed sugars from your diet, eat vegetables, fruit, increase your protein intake, and maybe consume probiotics.

You want to do everything you can to make your immune system function perfectly. Keep in mind that a functioning immune system will not only heal your skin faster, but it’ll also heal it without leaving marks. Doing all this may feel like a chore, but at least you won’t have to look at this tattoo you regret. Call our med spa Los Angeles today!

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