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Undergoing laser hair removal Los Angeles can be a dream come true for many. The thought of not having to shave constantly can get your head spinning with joy. However, to ensure that your treatment goes well, there are a few instructions that you’ll need to follow. These are broken down below into two categories, the pre-treatment instructions, and the post-treatment instructions.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

1.) You’ll want to shave the area that is being treated just prior to arriving at the laser hair removal spa. Do not wax, pluck, thread, bleach, or use any other method of hair removal that will pull the hair out by the root.

2.) The day of your treatment, you’ll want to avoid applying any sort of compound to the area being treated. This includes deodorant, lotions, and creams. The skin needs to be clear of all these compounds for a treatment to be successful.

3.) You can definitely use a topical anesthetic for your treatment. This must be applied about 30 minutes to 1 hour before the treatment is underway.

4.) Speak with the best med spa Los Angeles treatment specialist about any sort of medications that you’re currently on. This includes everything down to a daily aspirin tablet. You may need to withhold taking medication prior to the treatment date.

Post-Treatment Instructions

1.) After you get the best laser hair removal Los Angeles, you’ll want to treat the area with an SPF 30 lotion. This will help to subside some of the pain afterward. If you are still in pain, you can use cold compresses and aloe vera to help soothe the treated area of your skin.

2.) While you’re undergoing the multiple treatment processes, you’ll really want to avoid sun exposure to the area. If possible, avoid excess sweating, swimming pools, and saunas for at least a period of 24 full hours after each treatment.

3.) After 48 hours, you’ll want to clean the treatment area gently. Use cold water, a soft cloth, and a gentle cleanser. Avoid any sort of exfoliating brushes or scrubs as the treated area will still be highly sensitive.

4.) It’s important to realize that pigmented skin areas and those with freckles will get noticeably darker. You can expect this to last for one to two weeks.

5.) With any sort of laser treatment, there’s always the possibility of a histamine reaction. This will cause itching, blistering, and/or crusting of the skin in the treated area. You should seek assistance from the spa if you’re experiencing this issue.

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