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As one of the best med spa Los Angeles, Sculpt DTLA can provide amazing results with our laser tattoo removal services. Perhaps that tattoo that once seemed like a good idea fills you with regret every time you look at it. Maybe you broke up with the significant other, in which you had his or her name tattooed on you, and it’s time for a brand new start. Or maybe, the art work just didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Whatever the case, laser tattoo removal may be the answer for you.

Laser tattoo removal has exceptional results. The laser targets the pigmented color in the layers of the skin. The light absorbs the tattoo’s pigments, causing them to break apart into fragments which your body then eliminates. The process can have amazing results with little discomfort. If you are looking for the best tattoo removal Los Angeles area, Sculpt DTLA can assist you.

Because Sculpt DTLA is one of the best med spas for tattoo removal Los Angeles, we would like to give you some things to think about while preparing for your laser tattoo removal.

  • Make sure you have eaten and drink plenty of fluids before coming to your appointment.
  • Avoid the sun, or wear sunscreen, in the days prior to your appointment. Sunburned, or even tanned skin can be more sensitive to reactions.
  • Consider taking a non-aspirin pain reliever before your procedure to get ahead of any discomfort you might experience.
  • Avoid any heavy lotions and cosmetics on the day of your appointment. It is best for your skin to be clean and free of any residue.
  • Wearing loose fitting clothing to your appointment will be gentler when exposing or covering up the treated area.

Be prepared. Consult with one of our professionals at Sculpt DTLA about your laser tattoo removal ahead of time so you know what to expect, and any complications to watch for.
Sculpt DTLA is here to help you have the best results from laser tattoo removal Los Angeles.

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