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Cool sculpting can be a fantastic, effective way to target and eliminate unwanted fat cells. The use of cold energy during the cool sculpting process destroys the fat cells permanently in specific areas. Over the past couple of years, the treatments have become very popular. Keep in mind, of course, that cool sculpting is meant to reduce in pre-specified areas, not a substitute for overall fat loss or significant weight reduction.

The best med spa Los Angeles, ranked favorably in the L.A. area for CoolSculpting treatments, is Sculpt DTLA. Patients relax in the upscale, ultra-comfortable atmosphere of the med spa while they undergo the minimal discomfort of their treatments. There is no surgery or anesthesia needed for this FDA approved treatment and it is noted to work on women who maintain a fairly consistent weight.

CoolSculpting Los Angeles experts can conduct a meticulous screening of your body and help work with you to gain a realistic picture of the wonderful things that this fat elimination technique can do to help your physique. In addition, and probably equally as important, the experts can offer helpful tips on how to maximize your efforts for the best CoolSculpting results.

Some tips from the experts at cool sculpting Los Angeles include being patient while waiting for the results to show. While some individuals can see a notable difference as soon as a couple of weeks post-treatment, the best results often show up closer to the two-month mark. Additionally, the fat cells continue to be evacuated from the body for up to six months. A huge key to optimal results lies in the hands of the technician. Studies have demonstrated a fat loss of 2/3 more at the two-month measurement when a five-minute tissue massage is performed immediately after the treatment on the selected treatment area.

Exercise, especially workouts concentrated in the treatment areas, is significantly effective at ensuring the best cool sculpting results. Increasing water intake can help flush out toxins within the body and may assist in seeing results sooner. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is critical to seeing results, so increase the fruits and veggies.

Some med spas offer a new form of vibrating massage technology that has shown in new studies to increase lymphatic drainage, which encourages the elimination of the fat cells. Once again, this helps to see results. Last, but certainly not least, many med spa experts encourage the patient to invest in a follow up treatment. The follow up is typically conducted around six weeks after the initial one and can be especially helpful in seeing results due to the fact that the second treatment can access fat in much deeper layers and speed up the time frame of fat reduction.

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