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What is a Sculptra Butt Lift?
A Sculptra Butt Lift is a revolutionary non-surgical butt augmentation procedure that uses micro-injections to boost collagen to give you a full booty with immediate results, minimal danger, and the most convenience. Doctors developed Sculptra Butt Lift in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and the results are so amazing, the phenomenon is spreading fast!

How does it compare to other butt augmentation options?
A Sculptra Butt lift will give you the volume, sexy silhouette, and lift, like the other augmentation options, but without an invasive and risky surgery. Other butt augmentation procedures require you to harvest fat from one part of your body to transfer to your butt, but the Sculptra process uses a safe derma-filler, not fat. Until Sculptra Butt Lift, patients with fit, thin bodies had very few options for butt augmentation, but Sculptra has changed that. It’s unique among butt injections in Los Angeles in that almost anyone can be an ideal candidate.

Is it affordable?
Sculptra Butt Lift is an extremely affordable butt augmentation method in Los Angeles. Instead of having to pay thousands for a traditional surgical butt lift, you pay by the amount of syringes, and you build your results gradually, giving you the control to decide when you’ve achieved the amount of lift that’s right for your body.

Is it easy?
Because there’s no surgery or recovery time, you can get back to your life tasks and duties immediately! It was designed to have minimal interference to your life, minimal side effects, minimal time, and minimal cost. It couldn’t be any easier to get the firmer, fuller, higher booty you’ve been dreaming about.

What about the results?
Sculptra Butt Lift gives natural-looking results, and the individualized consultation process insures that you’ll have the results you want. Because there’s no surgery, there are no ugly scars, just the rear-end you’ve always wanted!

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