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Unless you spend your life living under a rock or inside of a cave, and never come out, then it is very likely you’ll develop dark spots. These spots are a result of skin pigment reacting to sun exposure and the body’s natural aging process, and they can be nearly impossible to remove once they’ve appeared on the skin. Thankfully, there are a few different processes and methods for dark spot removal, and they include:

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels remove old skin, and through this removal, help to reduce the presence of any facial developments. They have the added benefit of leaving the face rejuvenated and come in a variety of strength, letting you choose at what intensity you want to address the dark spots. If you wish, contact an aesthetician and decide which type of chemical peel could be the proper strength for your desired result.

IPL Photo Facial
The process uses light impulses to correct the pigmentation of your skin in a similar fashion to chemical peels, but because it isn’t a face mask, it doesn’t have the same amount of recovery time. This process can be applied to various parts of the body and works faster than a chemical peel, if you’re looking for quick results.

This process is not a direct response to the issue, but it does exfoliate the skin and allow new skin to appear on the surface. It leaves the skin looking soft and bright, and could be used as a treatment, but isn’t the best option.

Facials are not used to treat this skin blemish, but can be used in conjunction with any of the above-mentioned processes to add another layer of skin care and protection. It is recommended to make facials a normal part of any skin care regiment just to ensure the best possible care of your skin.

These, and other treatments for aging marks in Los Angeles are available for you. So, get in contact with an aesthetician today and start taking care of your skin.

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