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If you’re looking for a non-invasive med spa treatment to rejuvenate your skin, maybe get rid of some fine wrinkles or brown spots there are two great options to choose from that are offered at many med spas. Laser facial rejuvenation and facial peels. But what’s the difference? At first thought, they’re pretty similar in theory but deciding on which treatment to have really depends on your skin type, tone, and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Laser facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles focuses on treating problem areas with a laser typically taking between 30-45 minutes per area. While there is very little down time, it may take days up to 6 weeks to fully heal and patients may experience acne breakouts, swelling, redness or burning. It’s also best to minimize sun exposure and makeup to ensure a speedy recovery.

Facial peels have the same goal of treating problem areas on the skin but instead of a laser, a chemical mixture is applied to the area. The amount of substance and length of time it is applied to the skin varies depending on the treatment area. On average, the peel remains on the skin for approximately 10 minutes. There are different intensity levels of chemical peels which is determined based on your desired skin goals. Some chemical peels may not be suitable for those with darker skin tones as it may potentially cause skin discoloration. Possible side effects from facial peels include stinging, burning and skin discoloration. Due to the intensity of chemical peels, there is typically a minimum of a two week recovery period where going to work is not recommended nor should makeup be applied. It is also important to avoid taking medication with hormones during this time, such as birth control to avoid any potential risks or side effects.

The cost comparison of a Los Angeles laser facial rejuvenation vs a facial peel varies. A facial peel can range anywhere from $600-900 and a laser treatment can range upwards of $2300. Prices vary based upon treatment and treatment areas.

Both treatments can have results lasting years, all depending on how well the skin is taken care of post treatment(s).

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