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One thing that changes for everyone with age is the jawline. This seems to be universal, and until recently, it was quite frustrating. The fabulous Nora Ephron even titled her memoir I Feel Bad About My Neck. We all struggle with the change to our faces. The jaw and wattle are some of the most noticeable and emotionally jarring signs of aging. As the best med spa Los Angeles, this is clearly an issue we want to address. We not only know how to get clear skin, we also have the inside track on laser resurfacing Los Angeles.

Why do the jowls start to fall? Well, there are plenty of reasons. The first one is changes to the skin. As people age, they start to produce fewer fibrous proteins like collagen and elastin in the skin. That means that the skin starts to have a floppier, loosened appearance. Traditionally, the treatment offered by cosmetic surgeons for this was some kind of facelift. Today, there are better options including laser skin rejuvenation in Los Angeles.

For non-surgical treatment, until recently options were very limited. There were, of course, creams designed to make the skin feel plumper and firmer. These were basically moisturizers, and had limited effectiveness. Another way to address the issue was with facial exercises. Jack LaLanne was an advocate of these. In more recent years, they’ve been rebranded as “face yoga” by everyone from Sadie Nardini to Danielle Collins. While there’s truth to the fact that working the facial muscles helps, it’s not a cure-all.

Luckily, in recent years, cosmetic medicine has evolved greatly. Today, there are fillers that can help prevent sagging of the cheeks. The filler plumps up the cheeks. They don’t have that hollowed-out look. And with something filling the skin, there’s less sagging. The jowls are lifted and they no longer hang down past the chin and over the neck. For many aging people, and particularly women, this has been a godsend.

Another option to address sagging jowls is laser skin resurfacing in Los Angeles. This can also be referred to as laser skin rejuvenation or laser resurfacing Los Angeles. Everyone knows that laser resurfacing is how to get clear skin. But they don’t think about it in relation to tightening skin. The advent of treatments like Fotona has made it possible to tighten the jawline with laser treatments.

Fotona tightsculpting is always a great option when it comes to laser skin rejuvenation in Los Angeles. Other laser treatments offered by the best med spa Los Angeles include IPL/PIQO4 and ResurFX. Laser skin resurfacing in Los Angeles is a great way to deal with the issue of loosened skin and sagging jowls.

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