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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Transform Skin With Laser Skin Rejuvenation Los Angeles

How to Transform Your Skin With Laser Skin Resurfacing Los Angeles


Our laser facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles is performed by dermatologists and cosmetic experts. The procedure is done that same day. The dermatologist may treat your mouth, forehead, wrinkles or the entire face. The Los Angeles laser facial rejuvenation takes about 30 – 40 minutes while the full treatment of the face may take up to 2 hours. After undertaking laser resurfacing the patient may experience stinging or itching for 12 – 72 hours. Also, the skin may peel off and dry off. Healing may take about 10 days depending on the treated problem. After healing, the patient can wear makeup to reduce redness which takes about three months.

After the non invasive procedure, the skin becomes lighter. For this reason, the patient should avoid direct sunlight by using sunscreens to screen ultraviolet A rays for protection purposes. The Los Angeles laser facial rejuvenation doctors recommend you to select a sunscreen with a protection factor of about 30 and above. You should have minimum exposure to sun as much as possible especially at noon. In such times it is essential for you to wear protective clothing. Swelling after treatment is expected. If you are used to glycerol as your moisturizing product, you should be in a position to use it within six months after the treatment.

Lasers We Use for Rejuvenation:


IPL/ PIQO4: Get rid of those unsightly red and brown blemishes on your face such as freckles, age spots and spider veins.  Make them go away with our state of the art lasers: IPL treatments or the PiQo4 laser treatment.

ReSurFX : This laser can remove those stubborn acne scars or smoothing away your facial fine lines and wrinkles to give your face a rejuvenated and more youthful look.

IPL/PIQO4 and ResurFX: The ultimate experience is where we remove BOTH those age spots AND make your face rejuvenated again. The treatment combines the PhotoFractional IPL/Piqo4 + ReSurFX

Benefits and Risks of Laser Facial Rejuvenation:

Our Los Angeles laser facial rejuvenation aims to improve your skin appearance; however, it is not perfect, it cannot restore the natural state of your skin. The procedure involves various risks which include the following:

  1. Burns from the heat generated by the laser.
  2. Scarring
  3. Bacterial infection
  4. Changes in the pigmentation of the skin to lighter or lighter skin
  5. Herpes or cold sores reactivation

Cost of laser facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles:

The average cost for laser facial rejuvenation ranges around 2330 dollars according to the study done in 2016. However, the cost may have a slight variation depending on the treatment procedure. Our prices are low and our procedures are effective. In most cases the laser facial rejuvenation is considered as a cosmetic procedure thus most of the insurance companies are never willing to cover it.

Talk to our Los Angeles laser facial rejuvenation doctor and your insurance companies first before undergoing the procedure. While the doctors guide you on the various payment options, the insurance company guides you on the areas they pay for in case anything may happen. Our laser facial rejuvenation doctors in Los Angeles are devoted to offering you the best skin restoration services you desire.

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