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If you’re just flat-out tired of shaving, you’ve likely looked into other solutions. One of the most sought-after is laser hair removal. However, you’re likely wondering just how painful this type of hair removal can be. In today’s short article, we’re going to discuss the pain associated with laser hair removal and what you can do to minimize it.

Med spa Los Angeles offers laser hair removal just like many other spas throughout the area. This type of hair removal method is painful as there is a laser utilized. However, the level of pain that you experience will highly depend on what spots of the body you have treated and the number of spots. Laser hair removal in Los Angeles can be utilized to treat almost any area of the body except for those within an orifice, such as those in the ear or nose.

Treating The Face

When it comes to pain associated with facial hair removal in Los Angeles, the face can range from slight to severe. It highly depends on the exact area being treated. Some areas of the face have thicker skin than others. You’ll notice that the upper lip is extremely painful when it comes to hair removal. This is because the skin in this facial region is very thin. Compare this to chin or sideburn facial hair removal in Los Angeles and you’ll notice the pain is much more manageable.


Body hair removal Los Angeles for the armpits is one of the most requested areas. The sad truth is that it’s also one of the most painful areas. Many patients have described it as feeling like a deep needle. Due to the amount of hair in this region, it will typically take a series of permanent hair removal in Los Angeles to fully treat.

Bikini Line

Any med spa Los Angeles will reveal that one of the most sought-after areas to have treated is the bikini line. People don’t like having hair in this region and they go to great lengths to get rid of it. Due to the sensitivity of the hair in this region of the body, it’s considered to be fairly painful to have removed.


One area that you may consider getting laser hair removal in Los Angeles is the arms. Arm hair becomes very prominent on those hot summer days and can make you feel self-conscious. Unlike other sensitive regions of the body, the skin is very thick around the forearms. Most patients describe the pain level for this region as a snapping of a rubber band against their skin.


Another well-recognized area for body hair removal Los Angeles is the legs. They tend to be relatively pain-free areas. You’ll just feel like there are a lot of snapping sensations on your skin. After a few treatments, you won’t have to worry about shaving your legs again. This is one of those areas that people love to undergo permanent hair removal in Los Angeles for the simple fact that they don’t have to shave again.

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