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When it comes to laser hair removal Los Angeles residents rely on, one place springs to mind. Sculpt DTLA is the laser hair removal spa that can help you look younger than ever and feel fantastic. Our satisfied customers view us as the best med spa Los Angeles has to offer. We’d love to show you what we can do for you.

Are There Any Side Effects to Laser Hair Removal?
There are certain questions that we get asked on a regular basis. One of them is whether or not there are any side effects that appear after laser hair removal. There are a few that sometimes do manifest. The majority of them are very minor and temporary. Here are a few of the most common:

Irritation and Redness
Laser hair removal surgery can sometimes cause a small bit of temporary damage to the follicles of the hair you are having removed. Your skin may feel very tender and begin to tingle as a result. You may also experience some swelling. However, this is usually very temporary and should quickly disappear.

Scabbing or Crusting
Some patients may experience a bit of crusting or scabbing after their laser hair removal surgery. This is normally a very temporary side effect. The best way to get rid of any scabbing or crusting that may occur is to treat the affected area with a bit of skin moisturizer.

Injury to the Eye
You can sometimes receive an eye injury from the laser if you are too close to it or looking directly at it. Your best bet is to wear protective eye gear provided by the doctor who handles your surgery.

Changes in Skin Color
Another temporary side effect sometimes caused by laser hair removal surgery is a change in skin color. Lighter skin can sometimes look darker or vice versa. This side effect should quickly dissipate.

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Are you looking for the best med spa Los Angeles has ever seen? Sculpt DTLA is the place to be. We can give you the best laser hair removal Los Angeles residents rely on. Our goal is to provide you with a quick and painless treatment that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. Contact us today for more info.

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