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Tattoos don’t have to be permanent with our laser tattoo removal process. The following are seven frequently asked questions about the laser tattoo removal treatment in Los Angeles.

1. How much is the procedure?
Most clients are price conscious. Having a competitive and confident price for our services is essential. We focus the initial meeting on the value of procedure rather than its cost. We offer custom prices and offer deals all the time. We use specialized equipment to deliver excellent services.

2. How long is the procedure?
Almost all patients want to know about the time taken to remove a tattoo. The ability of your body to eliminate ink influences the process. We involve the patient when preparing a laser removal schedule. Set appointments, three months apart, to avoid damages and permanent side effects to the skin.

3. Is the procedure painful?
The laser method involves some pain. We let our patients know about the discomfort associated with the removal process. Skin soothing and numbing is perfect to stay competitive, increase client perfection, and provide excellent customer care. We take the clients through the numbing methods and allow them to choose.

4. Will the procedure leave a scar?
We discuss the likely outcomes of the operation with the patients depending on their mark. A scar will remain if it was left during the application. Our practitioners will adhere to the laser protocols to lower occurrence of a scar. We reassure the clients that a skin specialist can resurface their skin in case of a scar.

5. Do you offer tattoo revision services?
W take notes of the tattoos the client want to be revised and removed. We give our clients an opportunity to discuss their tattoos without judging them.

6. Does the procedure have side effects?
Most clients experience redness, swelling, scabs, and bruising after the removal procedure.We inform the patients about the positive and negative effects of the process. Most of the time the outcome is as the patient desires. You should be aware that some effects are significant as they aid the immune system to eliminate ink from their skin.

7. How does the procedure work?
Majority of the patients are after the outcome. We take you through the science behind laser tattoo removal treatment in Los Angeles. We explain everything step by step. Visit our website at

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