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Z wave is a treatment designed to help eliminate and reduce cellulite. Dieting and exercising can be exhausting and ineffective, while surgery can be painful. This cellulite treatment is simple and quick as it uses advanced acoustic wave therapy, which sends sound waves into the affected areas to help bring back the skin’s original firmness. Z wave is one of the latest technologies in cellulite removal and does not cause pain or require of recovery time like surgical procedures might.

Coolsculpting is another easy, safe, and FDA approved option. By using a cooling method, the fat cells under the skin are frozen, killing them off and reducing the built-up fat deposits. Coolsculpting is a good treatment to try after proper dieting and exercise have not provided the desired objectives. It can also be used in combination with Z wave to ensure that excess weight will not make the appearance of cellulite worse. Both Z wave for cellulite and coolsculpting are used to target specific areas such as the inner thighs, buttocks, stomach, and under the upper arms.

For those looking for cellulite removal in Los Angeles, Sculpt DTLA offers both of these technologies. The clinic is specific to non-invasive weight loss and skin enhancement techniques, so all patients can be assured that they are receiving high-quality treatment. Cellulite removal can be a frustrating process, but by using Z wave for cellulite reduction, the process is quick and will only take about ten to fifteen minutes per session.

Cellulite removal in Los Angeles is not a service that is available in many locations, but Sculpt DTLA’s office is located right in the heart of downtown, making treatment easily accessible for almost anyone in the LA area. Whether the aim is to get rid of cellulite and tighten the skin or to remove stubborn excess fat, these new technologies can help improve self-confidence.

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