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Botox is a safe and simple procedure that is effective for decreasing facial wrinkles. It is administered through facial injection, and has become popular in recent years due to its success. As the best med spa Los Angeles, we would like to offer the following helpful tips to prepare for a Botox treatment.

  1. Schedule your treatment for a time when you will not be stressed. Typically, any medical appointment can cause a patient stress. Therefore, it is essential to schedule your Los Angeles Botox treatment for a convenient time when you will not be rushed and you can do your best to relax.
  2. Inform your doctor about your current medications. Certain medications can cause harmful side effects if combined with Botox, so it is crucial that you disclose to your doctor all medications you are currently taking, including supplements.
  3. Avoid smoking cigarettes. Smoking before receiving Botox facial injections for wrinkles can increase bruising risks and slow the healing process. If you are currently a smoker, let your doctor know and avoid or limit smoking in the days leading up to your procedure.
  4. Utilize Arnica cream. Arnica cream can help reduce the amount of bruising at the injection sites. The cream should be applied prior to your treatment; however, bruising from Botox is unlikely. Talk with your doctor for specific instructions.
  5. Make sure your skin is cleansed properly. Prior to the Botox treatment, your skin must be free of dirt, moisturizers and makeup. Use a mild cleanser to thoroughly wash your face and dry it completely.
  6. Educate yourself about Botox. If you are considering getting lip fillers, your first step should be to learn as much as you can about the procedure. Arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible will likely make the entire process less scary, and make you less stressed on the day of your treatment.

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