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How is Lack of Sleep Linked to Aging?
If you are experiencing signs of aging, you can visit an anti aging medi spa that can certainly help you. The truth is many things can cause accelerated aging, such as lack of sleep.

The lack of sleep stops your body from restoring itself. People who constantly suffer from a lack of sleep feel and look older than their peers. The problem goes beyond this though as the lack of sleep can negatively affect your health and performance in the long run.

Negative effects
The negative effects of not getting enough sleep are numerous. Without sleep, your body won’t produce the human growth hormones that strengthen your bones, thickens your skin, and build muscle mass. Constant lack of sleep results in irritability and stress, both of which can lead to accelerated aging.

The physical stress from lack of sleep also makes you more vulnerable to high blood pressure, obesity, and heart attack. Lack of sleep also causes memory lapses and makes it difficult to concentrate and perform various mental tasks. All of these things are linked to accelerated aging.

Lack of sleep hinders the body’s production of leptin, the hormone that makes one “feel full” after a meal. The leptin deficiency increases the appetite thus causing cravings and overeating. Extra weight gains can lead to problems that accelerate aging.

Constant sleep deprivation also impedes cytokine production. Cytokines help combat infection and disease. As your levels of these proteins drop, you become more susceptible to sickness that can accelerate aging.

Lack of sleep also increases insulin resistance, thus increasing one’s risk of Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes impacts numerous body systems and can actually result in such health complications as hypertension, stroke, and heart disease. In 2000, the American Diabetes Association determined that even a minor lack of sleep increases insulin resistance.

They reported that diabetes is linked to accelerated aging at the body’s cellular level. People with diabetes have a higher “laboratory-determined age” than their chronological age. This indicates that diabetes could accelerate the aging process.

By now you’re wondering if there’s such a thing as an anti aging center where one can reverse the impact sleep deprivation sleep has on aging. You might be asking: “Is there an anti aging clinic near me? What’s the best med spa Los Angeles has to offer?” At Sculpt DTLA, we can get you the help you need.

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