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Facial Injectables That You Can Use for Your Appearance

Facial Injectables are highly sought after in the beauty industry. Not only do they fill in wrinkles from expressions or aging, they also relax the muscle that causes the wrinkle in the first place. Come make your appointment at Sculpt DTLA to experience it for yourself. Your younger self is waiting to be unleashed.

What is Botox really?

Botulinum Toxin is a natural form of purified protein that can be used to relax muscle in the face that can cause facial and expression lines and wrinkles. Fun Fact, it can also be used with people with excessive sweating disorders. There is no down time, but you may have some swelling and bruises after the treatment. Crow’s feet reduction with Botox is a common treatment which can make you look a whole lot younger.

People that should avoid this treatment are people with certain medical conditions. That can then lead to nerve or muscle damage. If you are healthy then it’ll be fine. At Sculpt DTLA we know the right amount of Botox or Fillers is right for you. We consult with each patient on an individual basis to see what would be better for them. We give advice before hand and any recommendations.

What are fillers really?

Age people age, we lose the natural collagen and elastin necessary to keep that youthful glow. The Skin becomes dryer at times. The Hyaluronic acid in our bodies begins to diminish with age which then leaves our skin more vulnerable to expressive lines and wrinkles.

The treatment of dermal fillers includes injecting the Hyaluronic acid through a needle to enhance the skin texture. The process takes a few minutes and the discomfort usually goes away fairly quickly.

Our anti aging method in Los Angeles involves not only injectables but also laser treatments to remove dark spots and smoothen the skin.

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