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Stretch marks affect countless women everywhere during and after pregnancy. If you’re a brand new mom, you’re elated to have a bundle of joy in your life. You’re also most likely frustrated by the emergence of conspicuous crimson stretch marks all over your stomach and figure in general. Thankfully, there’s a solution on hand for women who are suffering from the development of noticeable and unsightly stretch marks on their bodies. If you’re searching for stretch mark reduction in Los Angeles, California, then it’s time to get in touch with the Sculpt DTLA team on South Olive Street. We offer a stretch mark reduction procedure that can give you a new lease on life. It’s a treatment that can dramatically minimize the appearance of the stretch marks you have as well. If you want to be able to confidently don a bikini at the beach yet again, our procedure can help you dramatically. We’re a reputable Med spa that has a reputation for providing patients with all of the finest and most cutting-edge choices in aesthetic treatments around. We specialize in everything from butt augmentation and body sculpting to laser hair removal and laser acne treatment.

Pregnancy and Stretch Mark Development

The majority of women experience issues with stretch marks after giving birth. They don’t pop up exclusively on the belly, either. They also frequently appear on the hips and legs. If you added pounds anywhere as the result of carrying a baby for nine months, there’s a good chance that there are stretch marks there. Pregnancy makes the skin extend. That’s how it rips it to a degree. It triggers little rips that start out red and with time usually fade to white. If you’re committed to the idea of doing away with these unpleasant scars for good, our procedure can work well for you. The objective behind our procedure is to help women feel terrific in their skin yet again.
We utilize a stretch mark reduction procedure that’s centered around lasers. The recovery process tends to be swift for our patients. Our treatment can be advantageous to patients for many reasons. It can enhance their physical appearances. It can also be terrific for their self-esteem levels.

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