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All over the world, fashion, trends, and lifestyles are part of the items human beings attach importance to. In Los Angeles, fat loss is something that is being embraced, especially by women. Fat in the body makes someone shapeless, and this affects self-esteem. For ease of losing fats, there are lots of centers that help in the procedures. SculptDTLA is a med spa Los Angeles that offers the best non invasive fat removal and other services. They have won awards for best coolsculpting results in Los Angeles.

The fat loss procedure in Los Angeles is carried out by fully trained professionals in the medical field and skincare. This article gives insights on how the fat loss procedure is carried out in Los Angeles at the SculptDTLA center and the different methods involved.

CoolSculpting vs. Sono Bello

By definition, Coolsculpting is a procedure carried out to freeze the fat cells to kill them. Scientifically, it is known as cryo lipolysis. The process involves placing a sucking point and a cooling plate on the target area for about 35 to 60 minutes. The low temperatures make the fat cells get damaged to an irreversible point. It may take up to three weeks for the results of this procedure to be visible. It is one of the best non-invasive fat removal procedures. Coolsculpting in Los Angeles has approval from the FDA. For the best coolsculpting results in Los Angeles, you know where to find the services.

Sono Bello uses a laser to remove the fat from the target. Incisions are done and the laser is used to loosen the fats for easy sucking out manually.

The two procedures have the following differences:

  1. CoolSculpting is non-invasive while Sono Bello is invasive.
  2. Anesthesia is essential for Sono Bello which is not the case in CoolSculpting.
  3. While CoolSculpting is limited to specific areas, Sono Bello applies to almost every part of the body.
  4. Since it is an invasive procedure, Sono Bello leaves scars however small unlike CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting vs Liposuction

Liposuction is generally similar to Sono Bello just that there is no use of the laser to assist in the procedure. Statistics show that there are over 250,000 liposuction procedures recorded in the last decade. This procedure requires local anesthesia. Unlike CoolSculpting, liposuction is done on several parts of the body.

The risks involved in liposuction are more than those engaged in CoolSculpting. There was an isolated case reported by the New York Post in 2019. The recovery time for liposuction is a bit longer since there are some invasions.

Depending on the choice and cost implications, one can choose one of the highlighted fat loss procedures in Los Angeles. However, CoolSculpting emerged to be the best non invasive fat removal procedure. For Coolsculpting in Los Angeles, choose SculptDTLA. It is one med spa Los Angeles equipped with the latest technology. Before choosing any fat loss procedure in Los Angeles, check if it is FDA approved.

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