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Those who develop wrinkles due to aging have long been looking for a long-lasting treatment. Many lotions try to tout their effectiveness to get you to spend your money. However, laser resurfacing at an anti aging clinic near me has been the only proven effective long-lasting treatment for wrinkles on the market today.

How Does Laser Resurfacing Works?
Los Angeles anti aging medi spa can offer you laser resurfacing to reduce the appearance of your age-related wrinkles. The most effective type of laser used for resurfacing is the carbon dioxide laser. This works by vaporizing the actual water molecules that are found both inside and outside the cells. This results in damage to the surrounding tissues of the cells.

This damage is the key to how wrinkles are remedied with an anti aging laser procedure in Los Angeles. When the skin is damaged with laser resurfacing at your local Med spa Los Angeles, it naturally triggers a response in the body. This response is to produce more collagen in that tissue region. When there is more collagen present, this reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. Therefore, the solution is not getting rid of wrinkles. Rather, it’s hiding them with the stimulation of collagen to the area.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Los Angeles anti aging center can perform laser resurfacing for those who are ideal candidates. While you may meet the standards of an ideal candidate, it’s important that you realize there are always some risks that you need to be aware of. Side effects that you may experience from having this procedure performed on your body include darkening of the skin and acne. In rare cases, you may develop a skin infection.

It’s important to note that laser skin resurfacing can alter the pigmentation of your skin. Many patients find that the resurfacing allows their skin to appear lighter. This is a desirable outcome that they enjoy from the procedure. In some rarer cases, pigmentation can change to an undesirable tone. Ethnicity can play a big role in pigmentation color changes.

Tips For A Successful Recovery
Any anti aging clinic near me should give you a list of instructions to follow for the procedure. It’s important that you follow these pre- and post-treatment instructions as they will affect the results that you receive from your cosmetic procedure. Apart from the recommendation from your physician at your Los Angeles anti aging center, you should wear sunscreen before and after your anti aging laser procedure in Los Angeles. This will reduce your risk of developing pigmentation issues.

It’s best to schedule your laser resurfacing appointment at your local Med spa Los Angeles in the fall. This helps to reduce the hypersensitivity of your skin to the sun. The summertime allows for more susceptibility to pigmentation changes. By speaking with a professional at your local Los Angeles anti aging medi spa, you can learn more about pigmentation issues and how to successfully avoid them.

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