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The Brazilian butt lift has been, and is still, the most popular cosmetic surgery trend to this day. Recently rappers, models and reality stars opt in for body augmentation, and that includes butt. It used to be models that set the tone for what the popular surgery was, and a small rear end was the rage. But only recently has the big derriere gained popularity.

However, there are different types of butt augmentation in Los Angeles. We will start with the Brazilian butt lift. This type of butt lift is a more invasive procedure, requiring a two-part procedure involving liposuction and ejection. A Brazilian butt lift requires about a two week downtime due to the involvement of the surgery. When the surgeon harvests enough fat from the liposuction part of the surgery, it’s purified then injected back into the butt area. The Brazilian butt lift affords more of a dramatic effect. The length of surgery is another factor in this type of surgery. The length of time that you are in surgery is dramatically more with the Brazilian butt lift.

With a Sculptra butt lift in Los Angeles volume is added to your butt with an injection of the filler poly-l-lactic acid which encourages production of collagen. There isn’t any harvesting of fat from anywhere on the body. This makes the procedure only 15 minutes longer, more or less, depending upon how many vials of the filler is required for the effect you want. Normally, most people just use a small number of vials, but some require 20 vials. Sculptra can be performed in a Med Spa, which resultingly, produces a more understated effect. There is too, no need to worry about sleep position with this type of butt lift. The only drawback is that the effects appear gradually, as it takes a few weeks for the production of collagen to plump and adds the necessary volume. As a result of the latter, some clients opt in for a second treatment to get the desired result.

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