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The Difference Between Red and White Stretch Marks
Medically known as striae, a common skin complaint that many clients have that visit the best med spa Los Angeles. are stretch marks. These can show up in various areas of the human body and generally take on the color of red or white. When they first appear, these will look like textured stripes or lines on the skin that are uneven. Over time, these marks can fade or change colors.

What Causes Stretch Marks On The Skin?
Most stretch marks are a result of sudden weight gain. Those women who are pregnant, people who have gained muscle quickly, and those who have gained fat quickly are at a higher risk for developing these skin marks. Some adolescents will experience striae when they go through the growth spurts of puberty. So, any major change to the shape of your body over a short period of time can potentially make you more prone to getting these marks.

Do Stretch Marks Fade?
When stretch marks first appear on your skin, they will have a red color. In some cases, this can appear as a darker purple tone. Most women tend to notice these marks around their stomach area during pregnancy. Men tend to notice stretch marks appear on their lower back during times of rapid weight gain. Over time, the stretch marks will fade to a silvery or white tone, depending on your skin color. These lighter colored stretch marks tend to be harder to see than the red stretch marks.

Can I Get My Stretch Marks Removed?
Laser stretch mark removal. Los Angeles is a fairly newer cosmetic procedure that can be utilized to remove striae from the skin. This procedure uses laser resurfacing that removes the outer layer of the skin. This assists in restructuring the overlying skin. During laser stretch mark removal, the striae will likely appear smoother than before. This can help to reduce its overall appearance on the skin.

The stretch mark removal laser can be ablative or non-ablative. The ablative lasers work by destroying the upper layer of the skin. This allows the new skin tissue that is generated to be smoother in both texture and appearance. The non-ablative lasers target the underlying areas of the skin’s surface. This works to promote collagen growth inside of the skin, which can help to reduce the appearance of the existing stretch marks. Treatment tends to be more effective on the red stretch marks.

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