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Age spots, sun spots and freckles may look the same; however, they have different features and characteristics. Age spots and sun spots are the only ones that can be removed with cryotherapy.

What Are Sun Spots and Age Spots?
Sun spots and age spots are often seen in people who have fair skin, blonde hair and are over the age of 35. They are also known as liver spots. They are flat and brown, black or grey in color and they are typically found on areas that are frequently exposed to the sun.

The reason that age spots develop is because sun exposure causes the body to produce extra melanin. When melanin is produced in high amounts in certain areas, age spots develop. A tanning bed will have the same effect on the skin as the natural sun.

Sun spots are harmless; however, many people opt to get laser dark spot removal for aesthetic reasons. People who have spots that increase in size or have dark pigmentation should see a doctor.

Freckles are smaller than age spots and they can develop anywhere in body. Freckles are an inherited feature. They are often seen in children. Sun exposure can also cause a person to develop wrinkles. However, freckles will only develop when a person has a genetic predisposition to them.

Freckles tend to fade in the winter. The melanocytes, which are what produce skin pigmentation, are not as active during the winter months.

How to Distinguish Between the Different Spots
The size, location and appearance will help you distinguish between age spots, sun spots and freckles. If you have a spot that is large and first noticed in middle age, then it is likely a sun spot. A spot is likely a freckle if you have had it since childhood and more noticeable during the summer.

Why it is Important to Distinguish Between the Different Spots
Many people go to the best med spa Los Angeles to get cryotherapy. However, cryotherapy can only be used on age spots and sun spots. People can also get treatment with a sun spot removal laser. A professional can tell you whether laser dark spot removal Los Angeles or cryotherapy is the best option.

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