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A Matter of Urgency: Seeking Treatment for Skin Lesions

Skin lesions can be caused by a simple scrape to the skin or occurrence of cancer. There is no age specifications for skin lesions. Skin lesions cannot be handled with levity as it requires early diagnosis and treatment from an experienced dermatologist. Skin lesions are identifiable due to changes in the overall appearance of the skin. Its occurrence can be on any part of the body and varies in size. Skin lesions may go from small to large over a period of time if not treated.

Skin lesions are of different types such as skin discoloration, blisters, pus-filled sac, rash and skin wound. Of all the different types of skin lesions, pigmented lesions or moles seem to be a common type. Often times, other forms of skin lesions are mistaken for pigmented lesions due to resemblance with other forms of lesions.

Pigmented lesions can appear on the face, hands, shoulder neck and every visible part of the body. Even though it is considered normal for the skin to be mild and shape up itself sometimes, it can also translate to cancer requiring immediate medical care. One thing about pigmented lesions is that it causes early aging. You may have to seek treatment for pigmented lesions in Los Angeles immediately after being diagnosed.

Aside from early aging, pigmented lesions may be a sign of cancer or other serious conditions. Seek immediate medical attention if you happen to lose consciousness or have difficulty breathing as it may be a sign of something greater. Dermatologists can help examine that.

Some of our Treaments include using:

IPL (Intense Pulse Light): takes care of sun damage skin and helps with photo rejuvenation. It removes benign pigmented lesions like freckles, sun spots and age spots. It also clears away vascular lesions like unsightly blood vessels, redness, flushing and rosacea.

ResurFX:  a no ablative laser which creates a more youthful looking skin by stimulating collagen growth thereby improving skin texturing.  It tightens skin, smooths away fine wrinkles and improves skin texture, laxity and tone.

IPL and ResurFX combination: this treatment is known as a Photo Fractional treatment since they both synergistically work to take away unwanted discoloration of the skin and rejuvenating it into younger looking healthier skin

Treating pigmented lesions using anti-aging methods is considered a noninvasive way of treating skin lesions. Never let your pigmented lesion be treated with any other method other than our anti-aging method in Los Angeles.

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