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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat | CoolSculpting Stomach

Millions of people around the world struggle with belly fat. The idea you can “spot reduce” fat in a particular area with diet and exercise is false. The best way for adults to reduce stubborn belly fat is with a non-invasive cooling treatment like CoolSculpting. To understand why lower belly fat is so resilient, you must first understand the fat that gathers there and how CoolSculpting treatments work.

Read on to learn how to get rid of belly fat using the #1 non-invasive fat reduction method: CoolSculpting.

What Causes Belly Fat?

Belly fat is notorious for being hard to reduce manually. It seems like no matter how much you diet or exercise, you cannot shed the stubborn fat cells in this area. Unfortunately, this is the truth for many people who struggle with fat deposits in the lower stomach. Belly fat is hard to lose due to the biology of the fat in this region. Hormones, gender, and age all influence the amount of fat that gathers in the stomach, making it incredibly hard to lose those fat bulges. Luckily, non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting provide a safe and easy way to eliminate belly fat.

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Why Is Belly Fat Hard to Lose?

Not all fat cells are the same. In fact, there are two specific types of fat cells. These are the Alpha-2 cells and the Beta-2 cells. Fat cells with more Alpha-2 receptors store fat for a long-term period. This is stubborn fat buildup, which typically accumulates in the belly. On the other hand, fat cells with more Beta-2 receptors easily break down when the body needs energy. For people who struggle to shed belly fat, their belly bulges consist of fat cells with more Alpha-2 receptors. As a result, the body tends to cling to this fat, resisting all diet or exercise efforts. In this situation, the best and sometimes only way to eliminate belly fat is to undergo a fat reduction treatment.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat with Non-Invasive CoolSculpting

If you want to lose stubborn belly fat but are scared to commit to an invasive surgery like liposuction, you are in luck. Coolsculpting provides the perfect non-surgical alternative to lipo. Before the introduction of CoolSculpting, anyone struggling with belly fat would have to commit to a surgical fat reduction procedure like lipo. While it is effective, liposuction is surgery and comes with many drawbacks. CoolSculpting, however, provides a safe and completely non-invasive way to reduce stubborn fat without pain and with minimal downtime.

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CoolSculpting Near Me

End your struggles with pesky belly fat. Instead, commit to a safe, effective CoolSculpting stomach treatment today. Sculpt DTLA is the leading provider of the safest body contouring in Los Angeles, California. We are proud to offer our clients fat reduction treatments that require no invasive surgery or long recovery. Call us at our Sculpt Silver Lake location on Sunset Blvd at (323) 992-6058 and Sculpt DTLA by calling (213) 265-7285 to set up a free consultation and learn how CoolSculpting can reduce belly fat and contour a slim, lean midsection.



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