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Sunspots and freckles look very alike, but the characteristics are different. Cryotherapy is only used to remove dark spots. Sunspots generally appear in individuals with white skin once they reach the age of 35 or above. These spots are flat and can be black, grey or brown. They are generally found in areas that have received regular sun exposure. The main cause for sunspots is the exposure to sun, causing the melanin production to increase. After being exposed to the sun for numerous years, the melanin can clump together. This high concentration can cause sunspots. The same effect is caused by tanning beds. The people most susceptible to sun spots have blond hair and fair skin. The spots are harmless but can be removed for aesthetics. Any spots with extremely dark pigmentation, an increasing in size during a short time, a combination of colors, a red color, itching, tenderness or with an irregular border should be checked by a physician.

Freckles are smaller and appear all over the body. They are inherited, common in children and may fade with age. Exposure to the sun can increase the darkness and the amount of freckles in people with fair skin or red hair. The accumulation of the skin pigment in the skin cells determines the color of freckles. The skin pigmentation is caused by melanocytes and very little melanin is produced during the winter. When the skin is not exposed to the sun, new cells replace the old skin cells causing the freckles to fade.

The biggest difference between freckles and sunspots is the age of the individual when they first appear, the location and size. If the sunspots appear in a place regularly exposed to the sun, is bigger than a freckle and the individual is middle aged, it is most likely a sunspot. If the spot has been there since the person was a child, the individual is predisposed to having freckles and sun exposure has made it more noticeable, chances are it is a freckle.

The difference between freckles and sunspots is important for Cryotherapy. Although freckles are permanent, dark spot removal is possible. Cryotherapy works extremely well for hyper-pigmentation such as sunspots. Cryotherapy is very effective for brown spots when used as a laser, less expensive, much more reliable and there is a decreased chance of any side effects. Visit our website at

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