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Are you looking to get facial injections in Los Angeles? Knowing more about the specific treatment you would like to have done at our Sculpt DTLA Med Spa can help you feel more confident and prepared about what to expect and what the results will look like after.

Something to really consider before getting facial injectables, is determining whether you want to go with Botox or Juvederm. Both options are incredibly effective but they aren’t the same thing as many people may believe. Both treatments are non-surgical and with one session they can last about 6 months, but Botox is a lot less expensive. You may be wondering, how do the results actually differ from one another? While both do an incredible job at smoothing out wrinkles and plumping lips, they don’t work on the same type of wrinkles. Botox is the best option for those wrinkles that are shown with movement. Juvederm however, works best for the wrinkles that you can see when the patient’s face is still.

Getting facial fillers is a simple treatment that consists of minimal pain since the needles used are small. If you are an individual who is sensitive to pain, there is no need to be worried or concerned. Most doctors apply numbing cream just in case their patients are sensitive to pain.

Both treatment options have been proven time after time to be safe, effective, and cost-effecient non-surgical ways to look better and feel more confident. Neither options require you to take time off of work to recovery or spend a large amount of money. Both Botox and Juvederm give you beautiful results within just a few days following your session, and they can even last up to a year. The results are natural yet noticeable. You will immediately feel more beautiful and confident.

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