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There are several factors that play into the chances of developing stretch marks, including genetic predispositions and rapid weight gain or loss. Genetic causes are not scientifically substantiated, but the evidence does seem to suggest that those who develop stretch marks have DNA that moves slower than others when repairing skin injuries. It is often true that those who develop stretch marks often have relatives who also have stretch marks, suggesting that the occurrence can be a genetic trait and that their presence can be tough to prevent.

The good news is, genetic or not, there are ways to decrease your chances and keep your skin healthy and firm. Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking adequate water can help your skin by giving it the vitamins, minerals, and hydration that it needs to repair the damage. Avoiding drastic changes in weight, whether gaining or losing can also help prevent the damage. If you are attempting to lose weight, doing so at a steady, measured pace can help your skin adjust healthily. If you are pregnant, there are a multitude of lotions and creams that can be applied to your skin to keep it moisturized and able to healthily stretch. While all of these things can assist in preventing stretch marks, they are unfortunately not always avoidable, even if you are doing all the right things.

If you are susceptible to stretch marks or you have already accrued marks, you do not have to be stuck with them forever. Stretch mark removal laser therapy is an effective way to minimize the appearance of damaged skin and return your confidence. Laser stretch mark removal works by encouraging the skin to trigger collagen and to increase elastin production. Recovery is often quick, allowing you to return to normal life quickly. Laser stretch mark removal Los Angeles is available when you are ready to pursue the reduction of the effects of your stretch marks.

If you have questions or concerns or are ready to book your appointment, feel free to call the best med spa Los Angeles today. The friendly staff at Sculpt DTLA will walk you through our available treatments and opportunities to help you regain confidence.

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