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  1. The best treatment for sun spots is laser dark spot removal. A sun spot removal laser uses focused beams of light to eliminate pigment particles in the skin. Though they are the most expensive option, it is the most effective solution. The perfect laser dark spot removal Los Angeles treatment should feel cooling and have the amount of heat limited. Talk to your dermatologist about the type of laser they are using. Visit the best med spa Los Angeles at Sculpt DTLA.
  2. Sunscreen is a must. Without proper sun protection, dark spots will just get darker. Look for one that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for the best protection.
  3. Vitamin C is a topical antioxidant that can be used to reduce dark spots. It blocks free radicals and prevent oxidative damage. A massive benefit is that while it lightens dark skin, vitamin c won’t lighten normal skin.
  4. Hydroquinone can be effective in as little as 2 weeks, but for real change wait 8-12 weeks. You can find Hydroquinone in concentrations up to 2% over the counter and up to 4% with a prescription. Be aware that it can cause some irritation and lightening of normal skin if you’re not careful.
  5. Kojic acid is best when used in combination with hydroquinone. It suppresses activity in the pigment cells. Kojic acid must be used in small quantities as it often can cause an allergic reaction. Also note that this solution will take months to show a noticeable difference.
  6. Chemical Peels exfoliate your skin by removing the upper layers of dead skin. This causes it to reflect light better, giving it a kind of glow. Be careful that the chemical peel you use is a moderate strength since burns can occur. The best chemical peels can’t be done from home, as they are more likely to just take off dead skin and not lighten dark spots.
  7. Microdermabrasion is another exfoliant. It does not use chemicals and doesn’t damage skin tissue, thereby requiring no recovery time. It can be used to treat milder cases of discoloration.
  8. Microneedling is for the truly brave. This method uses hundreds of tiny needles to create micro-injuries. This is to attempt to reinvigorate collagen production. Microneedling will most often be combined with topical treatments, allowing serums to get deeper into the skin.

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