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Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a type of skin rejuvenation technique that is performed using a person’s own blood. The blood has platelets in it and platelets help with clotting. They also help stimulate the production of new tissue and protein.

When the platelets are injected into the skin, they will help speed up the rate at which the epidermal tissue is replaced. New tissue is formed in the dermal tissue. This will result in healthier, smoother skin. PRP treatment is often performed along with microneedling Los Angeles. There are several benefits that you will obtain from getting the vampire facial Los Angeles.

Natural Rejuvenation
PRP therapy does not involve the use of any strong acids or plumping agents. The body will respond to the platelets the same way that it responds to an injury.

Simple Procedure
This procedure is great for people who are looking for an alternative to a face lift Los Angeles. Laser surgery and face lifts require a long recovery period. However, people who get PRP therapy can immediately return to their normal activities. That is why people who want a non-surgical face lift Los Angeles often get this procedure.

Increases Collagen Production
Your collagen production decreases as you get older. That is why your skin becomes thinner and prone to wrinkling. PRP therapy can help stimulate collagen production.

Long-lasting Results
PRP therapy only takes a few minutes to perform. However, the results can potentially last a long time. The results typically last for a year. If you get multiple treatments, then the results can last much longer.

No Risk of Contamination
Your own blood is used. That is why there is no risk of contamination or rejection.
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