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Pharmacological Therapy

Pharmacological Therapy

Pharmacological Therapy in Los Angeles

Eat right and exercise to lose weight.  Sounds easy doesn’t it but as we all know it is sometimes much harder than it sounds.  Sometimes we just need a little help to get us to shed those unwanted pounds so we could look and feel better.  We have a pharmacological plan that will definitely help you to lose weight.  This is, however, only a temporary help.  You must still remember the fundamentals of weight loss.

Changes in Diet
Practicing a healthy living and eating right is vital in your journey to losing weight and keeping fit.  We will help guide you in changing to a more healthier diet.  You want to avoid unrealistic changes in your diet because your objective is to lose weight not just in the short run but one that is sustainable for the long-term.

Healthier Choices
It is advisable to consume more plant-based foods for example vegetables and fruits to make your overall diet healthy. Choose lean sources of proteins like beans, poultry and fish. Be careful of sugars.

Exercise and Activity
To help obtain a good weight, you should plan on a program of exercise and activity. Regular exercise such as even simple daily walking can help with weight loss. Exercise at least 30 minutes every other day at a minimum.

Weight Management Procedures in Los Angeles: Prescription Medication 
Sometime even after we do all of the above, we still need help.  This is where our doctor and nurses come in.  We will have a pharmaceutical solution for you while keeping your overall health in mind.  After starting on medication and supplements, we will monitor you weekly to make sure you are on the right track.   Even while taking medications, we will still emphasize to you lifestyle changes like exercising and eating right because we want to make sure you lose weight and help keep it off in the long run.

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