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What You Need to Know About Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that’s gaining popularity these days due to its positive effects in terms of delaying the signs of aging. A standard microneedling session requires the use of a device with needles that will prick the skin in order to stimulate the growth of collagen.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can be added to this microneedling procedure to enhance the tightness of the skin and at the same time speed the healing process.

Continue reading to learn more about the microneedling with PRP procedure.

Purpose and Use of the Procedure

With regular microneedling, various skin conditions can be treated including hyperpigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, and age spots. When paired with PRP injections, the healing process is said to become faster and improves quality and health of the skin.

What should be noted is that the microneedling use can be expanded to treat stretch marks and scars on other areas of the body. PRP, on the other hand, is a procedure exclusively done on the face. Online, photos of celebrities and influencers’ faces covered with blood have been rampant in recent years. For this reason, the term “vampire facial” has been coined to refer to this special procedure.

Specialists only offer microneedling with PRP to individuals of sound health for the treatment of various skin conditions associated with aging. A specialist may refuse to use this treatment if you are:

  • Prone to scarring
  • Currently battling certain skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema
  • Using Accutane for acne
  • Pregnant
  • Currently or have undergone skin radiation in the last 12 months
  • A person who has poor wound healing

Generally, you will need a medical history evaluation from a doctor to determine if you’re allowed to undergo microneedling for facial rejuvenation.

Finding a Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma Provider

This procedure is minimally invasive, but it’s still of great importance to find a qualified professional with the right medical training to perform microneedling with PRP for rejuvenation. Ideally, our specialists can perform this procedure.

If you live in LA, look for Sculpt DTLA Med Spa. Prepare some questions and don’t be afraid to ask about the experience. Our specialists will be more than glad to explain the process in detail. Look for certifications, too. Our doctor can showcase his portfolio to give you an idea of what the results should look like.

Preparing for the Appointment

When you have chosen a doctor to perform the procedure, he or she will give you special instructions so you can prepare for the day of your treatment. Typically, doctors advise their patients to:

  • Drink plenty of water as the day of the appointment comes close
  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight or tanning a week before the procedure
  • Cleanse the face before the procedure to remove makeup and other skin products such as toners and moisturizers
  • Prepare a ride home after the procedure


A microneedling for facial rejuvenation session, contrary to popular belief, is actually a very quick procedure.

Before Procedure

Make sure to arrive at the clinic or the med spa at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Give time for paperwork, which you’ll typically have to hand over before the procedure is done. When you’re ready, the assistant will ask you to change into a lab gown, cleanse your skin, and apply anesthetic on the face. The topical anesthetic will need to set for at least half an hour before the session begins.

During Procedure

You will be given two types of treatment. First is microneedling, which lasts for about 30 minutes. Your doctor will use a derma roller on your face in circular and sweeping motions. The doctor will then draw a syringe of blood from your arm and place it into a centrifuge. This process will detach the PRP from your blood. The PRP solution is applied to your face during or after microneedling. Since microneedling opens the pores on your face, the PRP solution will be able to penetrate effectively.

After Procedure

After the procedure, the doctor will soothe the irritation and redness by applying a balm or serum. Some doctors have been known to also use part of your blood to soothe swelling which they call platelet-poor plasma.

If the procedure didn’t cause any adverse reaction, you’re essentially free to go home.

Potential Side Effects

The most common side effects for this type of procedure include inflammation and bruises, which will clear within a few days. It is generally advised to avoid getting exposed to the sun and applying any skin products after the procedure.

Since the PRP injection has your own blood in it, there’s very little risk of infection or cross-contamination. Some patients have reported scarring and infection, but these are rare.


It doesn’t take long to recover from microneedling and PRP. In fact, you can go back to work or school the very next day if you’re able to. You may still notice some redness a day after the procedure, so it’s best to avoid applying any skin products at this point. You may use a mild moisturizer and cleanser at least twice a day.

As for makeup, use a light foundation, powder, or concealer, to hide the redness. You may also ask your doctor for tips or skin products he or she can recommend to help your skin recover.

It’s important to remember not to use any skin product that contains alcohol or is based on alcohol. This may cause skin irritation.

Wait for your skin to completely heal before indulging in activities that may cause you to sweat. This includes heavy workout, playing any type of sport, and running or jogging. Sweat can cause additional irritation on the face and may increase the risk of bruising and swelling.


Microneedling paired with PRP will produce firmer, smoother, and better-looking skin, but similar to other skin treatments and procedures, the results aren’t forever. Once you’ve started doing this procedure, you will need to follow up with your doctor at least once a year for maintenance. Should your doctor decide that you need maintenance procedures, prepare the same amount of money per session as you did on your first treatment.

It’s possible to lengthen the results of this procedure only if you:

  • Resist the urge to scratch or pick your face
  • Moisturize your skin regularly
  • Use mild cleansers, gel, or creams
  • Wear sunscreen every time you go out
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun

Preparing for Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

The very first thing you have to do is schedule a consultation with Our Sculpt DTLA Med Spa in Los Angeles. Speak out and always ask questions. A qualified doctor should be able to address any of your concerns and put you at ease.

Once your treatment has started, always heed the advice of your doctor. Never skip treatments as this will only render the procedure useless. If you feel anything unusual, always tell your doctor about it. If you notice signs of infection, swelling, or excessive bleeding, seek medical attention immediately.

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